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    1000W D.E. 400V HPS - LEC Solarmax. Compact luminaire with mixed spectrum bulb included, 1000W HPS or 630W LEC for growth and flowering. Adjustable in 5 powers (600W - 660W - 850W - 1000W - 1150W), in addition to the possibility of connecting to a control panel. Available with D.E. LEC 630W or HPS 1000W bulbs of different qualities.

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  • The Gavita Pro 1000e D.E. luminaires, is a Professional 1000W and 400V lighting for indoor marijuana growing. They are much more efficient than the classic 1000W ballasts, as they have a higher light output. Ideal to connect to the Gavita Master Controller EL1 or EL2 to control all the lighting from a single controller.

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  • Agrolite Pro 1000W 400V DE luminaire (double terminal) with all-in-1 ceramic socket: ballast, reflector and bulb, ready to arrive and turn on. Great performance thanks to its DE bulb that yields more than the classic 1000W. With option of equipment plus AUVL bulb or equipment plus Lumatek bulb for the entire plant cycle. Quality equipment at a great price.

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  • Complete double-point luminaire (D.E.) of the Solux house. Equipment compatible with sodium bulb HPS D.E. of 1000W and with ceramic halides CDM - LEC 630W. Adjustable power, Soft Start system to avoid overloading the lamp, system that timed the time needed to light a lamp after a drop in voltage and possibility of connecting several lamps with a controller.

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  • 1000W lighting kit with dimmable lumatek ballast, bulb and reflector of your choice. With this lighting kit you will get great harvests with huge buds. The ballast is dimmable from 600W to 1000W Super Lumen which is equivalent to 1100W.

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  • Lumatek 1000W - 400V HPS lighting kit. Complete professional Lumatek double tip equipment for indoor marijuana growing. These equipments have better performance as they increase the intensity, lumens and light PAR than the equipment of all life. Getting great harvests thanks to the DE technology (double tip).

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