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Lumatek 1000W - 400V Lighting Kit

Lumatek 1000W - 400V HPS lighting kit. Complete professional Lumatek double tip equipment for indoor marijuana growing. These equipments have better performance as they increase the intensity, lumens and light PAR than the equipment of all life. Getting great harvests thanks to the DE technology (double tip).

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Lighting kit 1000W - 400V Lumatek DE consists of:

- Ballast: Lumatek 1000W - 400V ballast for professional horticulture, dimmable from 600W to 1150W. Higher PAR of light and lumens than the classic 1000W screw ballast.

- Bulb: Lumatek 1000W - 400V HPS Mixed bulb, for both growing and flowering plants, with 146000 lumens.

- Reflector: Basic Reflector DE (Double Ended), Euro basic reflector for 400V Double Ended (DE) bulbs.

Specifications Ballast Lumatek 1000W - 400V:

Dimming (W): 600W - 750W - 1000W - Super Lumens (115%)

Mains supply voltage: 240V 50Hz

Input Maximum Input Current (A): 5.1

Input power (W): 1200

Output power (W): 1150

Operating frequency (KHz): 125

Power Factor: 0.99

THD (%): <10

Efficiency (%): 96

Mains voltage range (V) 175 - 275

Lamp: 600W, 750W, 1000W HPS

Full circuit protection; open / short circuit, over temperature, over / under voltage, end of lamp life / rectification

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Lumatek 1000W - 400V Lighting Kit