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Luminaria LEC Solux Selecta 315W

LEC lighting kit Solux Selecta 315W all in 1, ready to hang and start lighting our indoor growing. The 315W LEC equipment generates less heat than the 600W HPS, achieving slightly lower yields but with half the light consumption. The colour spectrum is better and it has ultraviolet light that helps to generate more resin in the plants.

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Solux Selecta of 315W, is a LEC luminaire for the cultivation of marijuana, all in 1. It has an electronic ballast adjustable in 190W, 245W, 315W and Superlumen; built-in reflector with high reflection of 95% and with 315W LEC bulb. With built-in data port for the Master Controller Solux controller to control the lighting of the lamps.

LEC technology produces less heat, with lower energy consumption, the light emitted includes ultraviolet helping marijuana plants to generate more resin.


Input current: 1.45A (315W) / 1.52A (330W)

Power rating: 190W - 245W - 315W - 330W

Bulb end of life protection

Short circuit protection

Open circuit protection

Ignition failure protection

Thermal protection


315W LEC bulb to choose from:

ECO Line LEC 315W 3100k: Mixed LEC bulb for growth and flowering

Solux Pro LEC 315W 3100k: A mixed bulb for growth and flowering with a good price-performance ratio.

Solux Pro LEC 315W 4200k: A mixed bulb for growth with a good price/performance ratio

Lumatek LEC 315W 3100k: Lumatek mixed LEC bulb for the complete cycle of the plant.

Philips LEC 315W 3090K: Philips LEC bulb for growth and flowering with the best results, 38700 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 4200K: Philips LEC bulb for growth with best results, 35500 Lm

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Luminaria LEC Solux Selecta 315W

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