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      Dark Propagator grow box for maintenance and growth of marijuana plants in interior, also used for germinacón of marijuana seeds, for making cuttings... a small cabinet dimensions of 090x060x090 cm ideal for self-cultivation in any small corner of the house.

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    • The cabinet Dark Dryer, DD90 is designed for drying your crops of marijuana. It is waterproof and airtight. Equipped for installing extraction equipment for air renewal and supports for odor filter, where you can also hang a lamp and improvisarte space extra indoor growing cannabis.

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    • Grow box for indoor growing V2.5 Dark Street DS90, of 0,9x0,9x1,7m. These cabinets to plant marijuana are lined with reflective Mylar 190D are economic fitted with good quality, ideal for making rooms sharing spaces.

      125,00 €
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    • Wardrobe for growing marijuana inside DARK ROOM DR90 V2.5 of 0,9x0,9x1,85m, higher to suit every space models. Cabinets indoor cannabis cultivation, high quality, fully sealed and waterproof. With dimensions that can be incorporated anywhere in the house, let light outwards or inwards.

      155,00 €
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