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Lighting Kit LEC Solux Selecta 315

LEC Solux Selecta 315W lighting kit with ballast, bulb and reflector to illuminate a marijuana crop. The LEC technology gives the spectrum of light more similar to the sun, so our plants will be healthier and resinate more, thanks to the ultraviolet light. It also has a higher gram/watt ratio than the classic HPS and generates less heat.

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The Solux Selecta 315W LEC lighting kit is ideal to cover a marijuana crop with dimensions of 80 x 80 or 100 x 100 cm.

The Selecta 315W LEC kit for indoor growing consists of:

- Ballast:

Electronic ballast LEC Solux Pro Selecta 315W, incorporates an internal microprocessor that allows a soft start and intelligently detect the voltage of the lamp to prolong its life. It incorporates a power regulator, overheating protection,...

- Reflector to choose between:

Basic Reflector: Stuco basic reflector plus Plug&Play cable.

Condor XL: Double parabola reflector to maximize performance and reflection.

Adjust-a-Wings ENFORCER Medium: Parabolic reflector par excellence, one of the best reflectors on the market.

Cooltube Glass 125mm: Cooled reflector with single reflector to cover more surface area and extract the heat generated by the bulbs.

- Bulb to choose between:

ECO Line LEC 315W 3100k: Mixed LEC bulb for growth and flowering.

Solux Pro LEC 315W 3100k: Mixed bulb for growth and flowering with a good price-performance ratio.

Solux Pro LEC 315W 4200k: A mixed bulb for growth with a good price/performance ratio

Lumatek LEC 315W 3100k: Lumatek mixed LEC bulb for the complete cycle of the plant.

Philips LEC 315W 3090K: Philips LEC bulb for growth and flowering with the best results, 38700 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 4200K: Philips LEC bulb for growth with best results, 35500 Lm

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Lighting Kit LEC Solux Selecta 315

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