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Luminaria LEC Lumii Solar 630W DE

The LEC Lumii Solar 630W DE light consists of a LEC electronic ballast, a stuco reflector with a 97% reflection and a Lumii LEC 630W DE (double ended) bulb, all in a compact unit. The spectrum of LEC is much more complete than that of Sodium, more similar to that of the sun, developing healthier plants and with slightly less heat than HPS.

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LEC Lumii Solar 630W DE luminaire, complete equipment all in 1, consisting of a 630W LEC ballast, reflector with great reflection and a 630W DE LEC bulb with excellent results. LEC lighting equipment produces light with a much more complete spectrum than sodium, in addition to having ultraviolet light and far reds, which will make marijuana plants produce more resin and terpenes. The production is higher than sodium, exceeding the gram / watt.

The Lec Lumii Solar 630W DE luminaire consists of:

630W electronic LEC ballast with short circuit protection.

Stuco reflector incorporated in the ballast, with great reflection of 97%.

LEC Lumii Pro 630W DE 3200k bulb, DE (double ended) bulbs give a better result than E-40 thread bulbs, as it is more efficient. Mixed bulb for both growth and flowering.


- Integrated ballast and reflector
- Ballast with soft start technology, which prolongs the life of the bulb
- Short-circuit protection system
- Extremely high PAR levels
- Maximum performance gram per watt


The first time you turn on the LEC lamp, it should run continuously for at least 15 minutes during the first start-up. This will allow proper melting of the metals in the lamp.

The lamp should never be turned off within 2 minutes after being turned on, until it has not been working for at least 10 hours. If this is the case, you must wait 1 hour before turning the lamp on again.

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Luminaria LEC Lumii Solar 630W DE

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