Somango Widow fem

Somango Widow Indica dominant cross between early widow x Somango. Exterior - Interior

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Somango Widow is the result of crossing our best Early Widow mother with Somango popular . Our Early Widow is a plant that is characterized by its high resin production , covering buds and leaves at the end of flowering, its powerful narcotic effect and intense aroma. It has all the characteristics of a genuine Widow but with a slightly shorter cycle, which makes it very suitable for Indoor cultivation . Somango originally Soma # 5, is one of the varieties most valued today for its fruity flavor and excellent taste , is the result of crossing a selection of Jack Herer x Big Skunk Korean .

Somango Widow , the result of the combination of these two genetic excellent , is a plant with Indica dominance retaining power and high resin production of Widow, but with a more exuberant branching and greater size, the stems are more numerous and so long as the number of buds increases , thereby increasing production. He also inherited the Somango aroma of tropical fruits and sweet Mango flavor, you get that mouth-watering smell only .


Indoor cultivation in using odor filters in the ventilation system , because this it is very potent in the later stages of flowering is required. It fits perfectly to outdoor growing , producing medium-sized plants , rarely above 250 cms. with profuse branching producing aromatic buds with orange and gold that will delight the most refined gourmets cannabis . He likes organic nutrients , so we recommend the use of natural fertilizers like vermicompost . The effects are initially euphoric and stimulating mentally, to make way for the next phase of physical and mental relaxation mainline .

- Height: 50 - 75 cm
- Flowering : 60 days
- Production : 250 - 300 g / m²
- THC: 17%

- Height: 150-200 cm
- Harvest: Early October

TIPO DE GENETICA Mayor Indica (relajante)

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Somango Widow fem