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PH UP - B.A.C.

PH UP of B.A.C is a solution composed of nitric acid, which will help us raise the PH levels of our nutrient solution if needed. Each culture medium (hydro, earth or coconut) needs different levels of PH to be able to absorb the nutrients that we give through irrigation; If the PH is not adequate, the plant will begin to show a lack in its leaves.

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PH UP is a regulator that contains nitric acid and acts by adapting the nutrient solution to the correct ph in our culture medium. It is a product that will add an extra supply of nitrogen to the solution, so we have to be very careful when using it. It is very corrosive when coming into contact with the skin can cause burns.

When we use organic enhancers in our crops, we must modify the ph because the acids eliminate essential characteristics for these enhancers. Using PH UP, we raise the ph level until we reach the ideal for our crop. 

Each culture medium needs a specific treatment and the ph will not always be the same, since it will depend on the surface we choose (soil, coconut, hydro, etc ...) with this product we can raise it when the ph level is very low and take it to the Right for our crop. In addition, we can use it both in the growth period and in the flowering period.

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PH UP - B.A.C.