Dinamex fem

Dinamex hílbrido amazing Emerald OG Kush x Cali Sour. Extreme taste and powerful effect. Interior: 9 weeks. Harvest in outside: Up to October 10

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The taste of Dinamex is extreme and intense, sweet background with diesel and lemons and sour notes Sour Diesel. Powerful, clean effect, long lasting, with quite high cannabinoid content with little tolerance after continued use.

For those looking for different flavors and effects of the European varieties, this variety is a great representative of the best that California has to offer.

It grows rapidly, the structure is quite open, and the buds tend to be smaller, very dense and heavy volume that adorn the plant as Christmas tree balls, espacándose along the branches and allowing the passage of light to the innermost parts of the plant, thus facilitating the uniform size of the buds along the entire plant.



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Dinamex fem