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The Critical + with a Jack Herer that brings all the best Sativa but capable of flowering in 70 days. With a very good production. Flowering indoor: 65-70 days. Harvest outdoors: up to mid-October.

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Critical has become the most known and cultivated in the last 2 years in Spain , the revolution in culture caused by the arrival of Skunk to the U.S. first , and the Netherlands later in the case of Spain has reached 20 years later, but under another name: Critical . And the genetics of Skunk # 1 is the dominant in this race also composed of an Indica variety of Afghani origin, a highly productive strain developed on the west coast of U.S., and was named Big Bud. Mr Nice Seed Bank marketed the crossing of two varieties , called Critical Mass. We could say that it became the godfather of the most popular genetics in the whole country, thanks Shantibaba , Neville and Mr. Nice! You've done an amazing job! We owe you a few words of recognition because thanks to your work (and also others ) we were able to create a truly popular seed . And now , we return to try crossing our Critical + with the most productive sativa in our catalog of mother , the only one capable of flowering in 70 days, producing up to 21 % THC , and yielding a dry weight similar to indica or hybrid varieties . Obviously, the results are impressive : 60 days of flowering are enough to harvest a plant that grows really fast, looking lanky Sativa , generous internodes , and very large light green leaves that hang limply , and produces an explosion of flowers fully resin coated large ( glandular trichomes ) in less time than one would expect from a Sativa. And whom do we have to thank ? The seed bank in the world 's most authentic , Sensi Seeds , thank you also for this marvelous plant which is simply impressive.

At the crossroads we have done with these two elite varieties , the effect is not that of a pure Sativa , but the power is quite high, since the effect of the Critical + , fairly balanced , has been revised upwards its psychoactive side . Sweet and fruity intense flavor predominates, but in some samples this varied to a lemony wood. It is a beast to produce , even better than Critical + , an authentic machine producing flowers very regular size, spread over a very homogeneous branching heritage Critical + , and power has clearly increased, in exchange for a few days more flowering , so what more can we ask? So yeah, more resistance to moisture and fungi also note , but if necessary because the weather is too bad and it rains , outdoor plants can be harvested at the end of September , and sure the result will surprise you . Guaranteed .

Composition: Sativa - Indica, 50 %.
Genotype: Critical + x Jack Herer (Sensi Seed Bank ) .
Days of flowering to 12 hours: 55-65 .
Outdoor harvests: from 30 September to 15 October .
THC: Very high ( 14% - 18%).
CBD : Medium.
Production: Very high .
Outdoor height : Up to 3 meters.


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Critical Jack fem