Moby Dick 2 fem

JYD Haze x Northern Lights. Crossing that meets the characteristics of Moby Dick increasing production. Flowering indoor: 60-70 days. Harvest outdoors: up to October 25.

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In 2005 we launched the Moby Dick , and immediately became a seed which produced passion among the cultivators that tried it , it was the first time a local feminised seed surprised users and convinced them firsthand that Holland was not the only reference . It was a first class variety , vigorous, productive and very powerful, better than many of the available genetic . Years have passed , and has become the most popular variety in our catalog , so that for years some private cultivators have been demanding another Moby Dick , and while most are not able to say exactly what they would change this variety , the general opinion was that we should do something more productive. The power or vegetative vigor were not on the list of possible improvements.

Crossing our mother JYD Haze mother with another non-dominant Indica high production of the variety Northern Lights, we have managed to keep the sativa character in flavor and strength but obtaining a higher productivity . So we've used the most productive mother of our entire collection, a very stable and producing non-dominant Indica, so we are faced with an improved version in which power is maintained , and time of bloom, despite increasing production , is the same . The production increase is most noticeable in Mediterranean climate (because there is more sun and is the main factor that makes the difference ) , or indoors , where plants are always intensely fed and well-illuminated . In non-Mediterranean climates also increases production , and if they are developed and larger plants , the difference in weight per plant is often noticeable . Like its predecessor, if we want to make the most of this beast , need to be given all the fertilizer it needs, as well as plenty of light , which are about 800 watts per square meter, or need full sun verano.Igualmente abundant food, especially when you have lots of light, for example , 2.00 EC with a continuous supply of all macro and microelements and special care with iron , magnesium, and zinc. The pH 5.5 is ideal to avoid problems with the absorption of iron grown in hydroponics , and and if soil , pH 6.0.

Harvesting is similar to her sister between 10 and 25 October and is moderately resistant to fungus caused by excessive moisture Fall . Very high power , not suitable for inexperienced consumers.

Days of flowering to 12 hours: 60-70 .
Harvest outdoors : From 10th to 25th October .
THC : High. ( 16 % - 20 % ) .
CBD : Low.
Production: Very high .
Outdoor height : Up to 3.5 meters.
Composition: 65 % Sativa - 35 % Indica .
Genotype: JYD Haze x Northern Lights.


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Moby Dick 2 fem