Royal Haze fem

Royale Haze productive with a touch of Skunk. Suitable for cold areas. Flowering indoor: 65-75 days. Outdoor harvest: October 30.

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The quality sativas are producing clear psychoactive effects , without notice body heaviness , or sleep . The presence of THCV , a compound that makes the stimulant effect of THC , and the absence of CBD are also responsible for the effect is very long and can last many hours, and no feeling of tiredness or lethargy . It is also easy to produce that effect , a plant of this quality is a good producer , and usually are underperforming . The Royale Haze meets both requirements : effect is true sativa and it produces like a beast, for it to be a lot of light , a lot of fertilizer , enough water, and only 70 days. 10% -20 % of plants can manage 75 or even 80 days , but most are ready in 70 days .

The aroma is very spicy with a slight sweet tone of skunk in some of them , rich and complex , tasty. It can easily be grown outside even in cold or mountainous areas , it is harvested relatively early towards the end of October. Of the 3 sativas that we have produced , this is the best extreme strength , sativa quality and high production . It is very suitable for SCROG .


Days of flowering to 12 hours: 65-75 .
Harvest outdoors : From 20th to 30th October .
THC : Very high. ( 16 % - 20 % ) .
CBD: Very low .
Production: Very high .
Outdoor height: Up to 4.5 meters.
Composition: Sativa with 15 % Indica.
Genotype: Haze x ( Skunk x Northern Lights ) .


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Royal Haze fem