Shark Attack fem

Mostly Indica, with medicinal effect for its high content in CBD. Flowering indoor: 50-55 days. Harvest in outside: Until October 10.

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This strain of indica dominance, is important mainly for 3 reasons: the white layer of resin it produces, its medicinal effect due to its high content in CBD , and aroma and flavor index . Relax your body and muscles very noticeably, like hashish , and its effects are powerful and pleasant .

Growth is content, not done very high, and the internodal distance is low with this strain is easy to control the size. The leaves are wide, short , and very dark , and an indica smell with clearing them . When you rub the stems there is an intense aroma, which is a prelude to the strong , sour smell , which will produce flowers. Production is average and needs 55 days to complete the fully mature , of which the last 5 is appropriate for this in total darkness, to stimulate the production of aroma and resin. The buds are white , very pungent smell and smoke when smoking is dense and pleasant. Highly recommended for medicinal use, its high CBD content ensures deep and restful sleep and relief from various ailments . Outdoors it needs a dry place to avoid mold and harvested until 10 October, so if it rains before , is necessary to watch for the appearance of mold . It is the perfect medicine .

TIPO DE GENETICA Mayor Indica (relajante)

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Shark Attack fem