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Tropicanna Poison Fast Version - Sweet Seeds

Very fast flowering photodependent version of Tropicanna Cookies (GSC x Tangie), which has been crossed with a Red Posion car to shorten its flowering time and preserve the ratio of red flowers. Variety of easy cultivation that grows vigorously and strong branching of medium internodes. It produces a lot of beautiful and crystalline buds of citrus aromas and a very high level of THC.

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Photodependent, feminized, red flower and ultra-fast flowering version of one of the “Super Strong” varieties of the most famous Cookies family in the USA. UU., The Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie).

Result of the cross between an elite clone selected from Tropicanna Cookies, with a red flower phenotype and our appreciated red flower autoflowering Red Poison Auto® (SWS39).

Very productive and resinous variety that produces THC levels of up to 24%, and very high levels of terpenes.

Excellent aroma and flavor, very sweet, intense and dense, with shades of mango, earthy and woody brushstrokes, and slight Skunk background.

Seed Type: Photodependent
Gender: Feminized
Plant Type: Indica
Cup Winner: No
Effects: Psychoactive, Stimulating, Relaxing
Flavor: Sweet, Mango, Earthy, Skunk, Woody
Flowering Indoor: Very short
Yield: High
THC: Very high
CBD: Low
Power: Very powerful effect
Other Features: Ideal for queen extractions, resists moisture and easy to grow.

TIPO DE GENETICA Mayor Indica (relajante)

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Tropicanna Poison Fast Version - Sweet Seeds