Luminaria Solarmax 1000W D.E.

1000W D.E. 400V HPS - LEC Solarmax. Compact luminaire with mixed spectrum bulb included, 1000W HPS or 630W LEC for growth and flowering. Adjustable in 5 powers (600W - 660W - 850W - 1000W - 1150W), in addition to the possibility of connecting to a control panel. Available with D.E. LEC 630W or HPS 1000W bulbs of different qualities.

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The Solarmax 1000W D.E. 400V, is a last generation sodium equipment. It uses HPS double capped lamp technology, delivering the tried and true results growers depend on, with class leading PPF (Photosynthetic Photno Flux).

These devices keep the electronics passively cooled, significantly reducing the possibility of failures and prolonging its useful life.

Available with HPS 1000W DE bulb or LEC 630W DE bulb.


With LEC - CDM 630W bulbs NEVER exceed 600W on the dimmer. For use in powers higher than 600W, it is necessary to use a 1000W LEC - CDM bulb

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Luminaria Solarmax 1000W D.E.