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Kit Cultivo Básico LEC 315W Armario

Complete 315W LEC kit with cabinet for self-cultivation of marijuana. This kit is made with the latest technology in indoor lighting such as LEC equipment. These equipments have a power of 315W, they generate less heat and we will obtain crops similar to the 600W of HPS.

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The 315W LEC Basic Grow Kit is made up of the following common components:

Helical extractor VK 125 of 190 m3/h, for a good extraction of the hot air.

Helical intractor VK 100 of 107 m3/h, for a good air renowal of the crop.

Aluconnect tube 127mm x 3 meters, to channel the extraction.

Aluconnect tube 102mm x 2 meters, to channel the intraction.

Clamp fan with two levels of ventilation, to strengthen the stems.

24h Analog Timer for turning on and off all the equipment.

Digital Thermohygrometer to control the temperature and humidity of the crop.

Pulleys to raise and lower the lamps comfortably.

Bactohemp of 10grs, mycorrhizae to stimulate the roots.

Bio Grow Nutrient by BioBizz, specific fertilizer for the growing phase, 500ml.

Bio Bloom Nutrient by BioBizz, specific fertilizer for the flowering phase, 500ml.

9 pots of 7L to grow spectacular plants.

9 Feminized seeds to choose from among some of the delights of AdvancedSeeds or 00Seeds.


Grow tent to choose from:

Cultibox: Light and completely light-tight cabinet. (100x100x200cm)

LightHouse: Wardrobe with totally opaque high thickness fabric and with 190D Mylar interior. (100x100x200cm)

Dark Street V4.0: Wardrobe with quality resistant canvas, the little brother of the Dark Room. (90x90x178cm)

Dark Room V3.0: Strong and durable quality wardrobe from Secret Jardin brand. (90x90x185cm)

HomeBox Q: High quality wardrobe from Homebox brand (100x100x200cm)

Ballast LEC - CDM to choose between:

Vanguard LEC Magnetic: Vanguard magnetic ballast of 315W type LEC - CDM, generates less heat than those of HPS and we obtain a better light spectrum.

Solux Selecta LEC Dimmable: Solux Selecta 315W LEC dimmable ballast, new technology in lighting for indoor growing, obtaining productions similar to 600W HPS, but generating less heat and less electricity consumption.

Lumatek LEC 315 Dimmable: Lumatek digital ballast LEC 315W, dimmable from 50% to 100% of the power. The spectrum of light that these lighting equipment generate is very similar to that of the sun.

Philips LEC 315W: Philips 315W ballast with top quality components. Developed with LEC technology, which provides a more complete spectrum of light, with greater stability and homogeneity.

Reflector for bulb to choose between:

Basic EuroReflector: Basic reflectors with reflection limitations, ready to use with 5 meters of cable.

Condor XL: Coated aluminum reflector of larger dimensions increasing the reflection capacity and the surface.

Adjust-a-Wings ENFORCER Original: The Adjust-aWings reflector is the one with the best performance due to reflection and manufacturing materials, highly recommended.

Cooltube Glass 125mm: Cooled reflector with single reflector to cover more surface area and extract the heat generated by the bulbs.

315W LEC bulb to choose between:

Vanguard LEC 315W 3100k E-40: Basic mixed LEC bulb for growth and flowering, with E40 socket. Bulb only available with Vanguard LEC magnetic ballast.

Solux LEC 315W 3100K: Mixed LEC bulb valid for both growth and flowering 35000 Lm.

Solux LEC 315W 4200k: LEC bulb for plant growth, 35000 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 3000k: Philips LEC Pro bulb for growth and flowering with the best results, 38700 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 4200k: Best-performing Philips LEC Pro Grow Bulb, 35500 Lm

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Kit Cultivo Básico LEC 315W Armario

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