Luminaria Solarmax LEC 1000W D.E.

1000W D.E. 400V LEC Solarmax lighting kit. Compact luminaire with mixed spectrum bulb included, 1000W LEC for growth and flowering. Dimmable in 5 wattages (600W - 660W - 850W - 1000W - 1150W), plus the possibility of connecting to a control panel. Available with 1000W 3100k Solux LEC bulbs.

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The Solarmax 1000W D.E. 400V luminaire is a state-of-the-art LEC fixture. It uses dual-cap lamp technology, which delivers the tried and true results growers depend on, with class-leading PPF (Photosynthetic Photno Flux).

These units keep the electronics passively cooled, significantly reducing the chance of failure and extending their lifespan.

Available with Solux 1000W 3100k LEC bulb.


With 1000W LEC - CDM bulbs NEVER exceed 1000W on the potentiometer of the ballast. The lamp should never be switched off within 2 minutes after it has been switched on, until it has been running for at least 10 hours. If this is the case, you must wait 1 hour before switching the lamp on again.

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Luminaria Solarmax LEC 1000W D.E.